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Our flower farm was born out of our intense love for family, home, gardens and growing. The creation of the grounds was no doubt a heart filled endeavor. The end result is a memorable, fun, organic place that we love to share with all who visit.

As growers and fourth generation farmers- floriculture and agriculture is life and it's given us the ability to witness the very root of living over and over again.  No matter what you choose to grow - we believe the process reveals something miraculous every step of the way. The natural wonders and miracles seen have fostered a great respect for the biggest gifts given each and every day- the sun, water, fresh air and the magic inside every single flower.

Our most passionate thoughts surround life, living well, celebrating and growing. A passion for the beauty found secluded in nature. A passion for the heartbeats in the people and the precious animals that surround us. A passion for creation and our human ability to create- a plant out of a small seed, a tiny idea that grows to become something bigger or a dream that takes full flight.

This place - White Trail Social & Garden Club and the people that visit are our dream come true.



Matt & Katie 

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