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Enjoy this artful resource - we find it to be a helpful reference for both budding and blooming rosarians.  We love it so much -we stuck it in a frame.  

Did you know? White Trail Social and Garden Club is a NABA Certified butterfly habitat. They add so much color to our world!  Now it's your turn to add a little color!  Just click the title above to download. 

All About Butterflies.jpg

Bees are crucial to production at White Trail.  When they are done pollinating our crops they return to the apiary and make the most delicious honey!  Have fun coloring this sticky sweet scene!


Florida is home to a multitude of beautiful butterflies. How many do you recognize? 


Roses are kinda our thing at White Trail Club.  They can be your thing too- even if you're just a sprout!  Mini rosarians are pretty darn cute and we think you are never too young to appreciate this majestic flower! Click the title above to download this cute PDF coloring sheet.  Hmmmm...What color will your rose be?

butterflies 8.5 x 11.jpg
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