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Donation Request Policies

To request a donation, please submit your request in the form below. Requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event. Organizations are eligible to receive only one donation from White Trail within a 12 month period. We will review the donation request and notify you of approval within 72 hours of your request. While we wish we could donate to all causes, we are unable to honor each and every request. We wish you the best of luck with your fundraising efforts.

White Trail gives back to our community by offering agritourism experiences for silent auctions, raffles, and give-aways to non-profit organizations in Jupiter, Florida. The donation will be represented in the form of a signed certificate with an expiration date. Donations must be picked up in person at the farm.  Unfortunately, we do not offer “Spirit Nights” where a portion of our sales is donated to an organization.


Eligible non-profit organizations requesting a donation must be local (within a 20 mile radius of Jupiter) and the fundraising event must also be held locally (within a 20 mile radius of Jupiter).


Non-Eligible Candidates
• Individuals and personal requests
• Political organizations
• Organizations and events outside of a 20 mile radius of Jupiter
• For-profit groups

Donation Request

Thanks! Will will contact you within 3 days if your request can be honored. Best of luck in your fundraising!

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