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The Animal Sanctuary

At White Trail it's no secret that we love plants but the truth is - we are committed to all living things.  Our on site animal sanctuary is a peaceful,  permanent home for our furry, rescued friends.  We work with a few, choice local rescue organizations and we welcome and encourage animal lovers to join our rescue mission.  We are also here to help guide anyone committed to providing shelter and love on their adoption journey. Give the gift of a happy home! 


We love volunteers ♡

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Meet our Family of Animals

Hover over each animal friend below to learn their story [this only works on a desktop]. 

Not everyone could be captured - they were a little camera shy!

 birthday 3-14-2020


If you arrive on scene looking like a caramel coated beauty queen - I’m gonna name you Dulce! That is just what she did. She also loves leche and is super attached to her goat mom, Olivia! 

This golden girl has icy blue eyes and a distinguished widows peak above her brow. Ready for some lineage? Dulce is the daughter of Olivia and Abe. She is the sister / litter mate of Blanco.
We totally love her. The End.


 birthday 06-25-2018


Rose came to us as a pregnant female.  Rose and Tanner are sisters and together they shared their pregnancy in the sanctuary.  


They inspired the latest structure on property - we really wanted them to have a posh maternity ward and a happy home to raise their young.  They were comfy to say the least. 


When the gestation days were over and delivery was impending we sat and stared for hours waiting to witness the delivery.  Hours, then days, then weeks passed and we assumed it would never happened.  


We literally turned our head and tiny Flora was born!  Rose is an amazing mama- she is very petite but somehow full of SO much love !!


 birthday 4-15-2019

Teddy came to us early in 2020. He was pulled from an unsafe petting zoo and needed intensive care.  We were ready to take on the challenge!  In just 2.5 short months, his skin conditions had vanished and his weight was way up and into a healthy range- all of his other health kinks were also worked out.

It is amazing what a lot of love, proper veterinary care and some

really good food can do. 


 birthday 10-5-2017


Olivia and her goofy husband Abe were offered up as “free” on a social media site.


It was a Friday night and we begged to be the ones to rescue her. The begging worked!


With the help of our neighbor we rushed to get them safely to their new forever home.



Did you know that “free” animals are often harmed? [sigh] Did you know that a lot of people love to eat goats? [sigh] Whelp, she doesn’t have to worry about any of that.



Olivia was said to be “fixed” at pick up and although our veterinarian had his doubts - we allowed it to daily debate for months and one day she had the most precious twins, Dulce & Blanco. The debate was over and they all will live happily ever after.


 birthday 3-9-2020


Reedbuck - named after the main character in one of my favorite ᴛʀᴜᴇ stories. He was the first baby born - after what felt like an eternal wait! 

We snuggled him exclusively until the others arrived. He has a tri color coat and is without a doubt the most playful! He is the one that has wowed us with all the ‘firsts’ - first to jump - first to slide down the slide - first to swing - first to eat solid feed - first to sprout horns. His mom is our kind and gentle Tanner.


 birthday 3-14-2020

This is Blanco and he’s a glamb (goat lamb). Just kidding- he’s pure goat lovin’ but he looks ᴊᴜsᴛ like a little Easter lamb. He is the son of Abe & Olivia and the ʙᴇsᴛ big brother to Dulce. 
This sweetie is snow white with beauty marks on all four legs and has striking blue eyes. He is always the first one at my feet when I arrive for a visit. Then he tugs at my clothes or hops in my lap to make sure I stick around for a while. 
He's also chief nibble officer. His nibbles are unlike any other.


 birthday 11-16-2017

Wow, there’s so much we could say about you Abe. He is friendly, VERY friendly.



Abe and his wife Olivia, were offered up as “free” on a social media site. It was a Friday night and we begged to be the ones to rescue them. The begging worked! With the help of our neighbor we rushed to get them safely to their new forever home.



Did you know that “free” animals are often harmed? [sigh] Did you know that a lot of people love to eat goats? [sigh] We believe he knows how lucky he is.



Abe has come a long way since that day- he now has two children [they were both surprises- imagine that!?]



Abe. Abe. Abe. He lives with his tongue out. He talks gibberish. Some days he looks [and behaves] JUST LIKE Danny Zuko from that movie Grease. He’s a sweet guy. Really, he is.


You and your crazy antics are safe here. 


Tanner came to us as a pregnant female. Tanner and Rose are sisters and together, they shared their pregnancy in the sanctuary.


These two have an intense sisterhood bond!



They spent their pregnant days swinging and eating goaty granola bon bons in the shade.


When it was time to deliver, Tanner paved the way- delivering her son, our little Reed, almost 10 days before her sister Rose. We sure know how that feels! [sorry Rose]



Tanner is a special mom and just an overall special lady- I hope she really feels our love for her! We are gonna tell her again today! 


 birthday 6-20-2018


 birthday 3-18-2020

This is {little} Flora. She wasn’t the first born but we are taking a ladies first approach. Oh Flora, she is the daughter of our dear Rose {last photo}. Flora is a full Nigerian dwarf. She was the last to be born- long awaited and wildly celebrated!

We stared at Rose for hours on end waiting for this little baby. We also think Flora is beautifully decorated. 
A tri color coat - black, fawn, and bright white coloring - the tips of her ears are polka dotted. How fancy! Shes a tiny girl that loves to cuddle. We love to cuddle too.