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Escape to Cottagecore Hardcover Book

Escape to Cottagecore Hardcover Book


A transporting page turner that embodies all that we are at White Trail.    Escape into cottagecore rekindles a love of nature and rediscovery of simple, satisfying joys, from home décor, house plants, and herbology to mindful self-care rituals, eating and cooking with the seasons, spiritual magic, and much more.


Embrace a more peaceful life with cottagecore—a soft, fairytale world that combines traditional comforts with modern conveniences to create a sense of magic and retreat. While you may not be able to uproot yourself and settle entirely off-grid, escape into cottagecore will help rekindle your love of nature and rediscover simple joys, wherever you may live. Full of practical advice and inspiration, and covering topics from home décor and herbology to eating with the seasons and mindfulness, this beautiful book will get you started on a calming cottagecore odyssey.


Hardcover book with printed laminated cover; 5 x 6 3/4 inches; 224 pages.

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