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The Healing Power Of Flowers Hardcover

The Healing Power Of Flowers Hardcover


Find the perfect flowers to enhance your own energy—or create a perfect arrangement to communicate those energies to a friend. 


Flowers have the power to calm, to heal and they allow us to express our deepest emotions without saying a word. They can boost your mood, reduce stress, and improve well-being. By crafting thoughtful, personal bouquets, or choosing a flower for its traditional meaning, natural energy, or holistic properties, you can bring the benefits of the natural world into your home or  workplace, and into the lives of loved ones. Picking the ideal bloom for the moment can become an act of self-care and arranging a colorful bouquet can be a form of therapy. This book is a guide to understanding the healing energies of flowers, with thoughts on how to grow, care for, pick, and arrange bouquets of the perfect blooms for any occasion or energetic circumstance.


Hardcover book with printed laminated cover; 5 2/3 x 7 1/3 inches; 224 pages.

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